One size does not fit all.

With over 20 years in the optical business as sales reps & wholesalers, we have come to appreciate one thing above all else in this industry - the people who are serving the people. The ones who deliver the vital services necessary for daily optical health along with the proper eyewear styles and fit.

Over the years, we bore witness to the commitment of many dedicated eyecare experts: optometrists, opticians, technicians, optical staff and even the lone sales reps.

We created GF Briller to bridge the gap between today's world of online retail and the service-oriented, brick & mortar shops that have been around for decades. Consumers who purchase affordable glasses online are quickly realizing "one size does not fit all." Without proper hands-on service, they are not receiving the optimal care that their eyes need and deserve. Why sacrifice one for the other? We should get both.

GF Briller is the first eyewear brand dedicated to highlight the significance of the local eyecare experts while providing affordable, high-quality, and stylish frames that will be serviced with your eyes' health in mind. We are committed to building that bridge from our online brand back to your neighborhood optical shop to provide the best of both worlds.

We are proud to partner with exceptional eyecare providers that offer quality products, professional services and expert advice. It's time to see clearly & love your neighborhood optical shop!

The Name Behind the Name:

Guido Frischkorn

GF Briller is named after Guido Frischkorn, a well-respected eyewear ambassador who is the inspiration behind the brand. Guido has tirelessly served the optical industry for over 35 years and championed for the local optical shops and its professionals. He has worked for prominent optical brands such as Alain Mikli, Prada and now brings Private Label to exceptional independent optical shops throughout Europe. He is a well-respected and beloved role model for all of us here at the company.

Briller means "a person wearing glasses" (English noun) and "to shine" in French. Just like our namesake, we want to shine the light on the ones who serve and support others with the glasses we wear.

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